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Free Coach Tools is provided to health, natural therapies, nutrition and wellness professionals as a courtesy to help them practice legally in their state, province and country. This website is built by and maintained by the American Association of License Board Mediators ( AALBM ) and Be Credible. You will find other helpful information on their websites.

If you are financially challenged and need to take additional courses to become certified in your profession, both of these organizations will offer you assistance. This website is a good place to get started because Free Coach Tools is an accredited education organization.

Contact Information, Call or Write:

Academy 4 Coaching can be reached at 800-838-1931 extension 4 or by e-mail to

AALBM can be reached by e-mail to

Be Credible can be reached by e-mail at


The Academy 4 Coaching offers excellent
correspondence courses in the following areas:


Professional Practices -- including professional conduct, non-discrimination, handling sensitive matters and information, building credibility and your business.

Professional Ethics -- including how to practice legally and create your own Code of Professional Ethics.

Creating Informed Consent Forms -- to protect you, your family, associates, clients and your business.

The Academy has more than thirty outstanding coach instructors so you can economically learn to coach your clients.