Free Coach Tools

Accredited Coach Education Programs

Free Coach Tools is accredited by the American Accreditation Commission which is a leader in accrediting alternative, holistic, integrative and natural health, nutrition, therapies and wellness education organizations, associations and certification boards.

We confirmed that the leading correspondence school teaching professional ethics and how to creat your own informed consent forms is fully accredited by tje American Accreditation Commission. That school is the Academy 4 Coaching. Most of the schools listed below recommend their servcies.

We confirmed that the American Accreditation Commission accredits the following recommended coach education programs in alternative, holistic, integrated and natural health, wellness and nutrition:

Aromatherapy Coach (AC)

Bioenergetics Coach (BEC)

Biofeedback Coach (BC)

Bioresonance Coach (BRC)

Blue Sun Energetics (BSE)

Coach 4 Detoxification (C4D)

Coach 4 Health (C4H)

Coach 4 Nutrition (C4N)

Council of Licensed Spiritual Healers (CLSH)

Detoxification Coach (DC)

Divine Scalar Coach (DSC)

Healer Coach (HC) in partnership with FSHLB

Health Coach Academy (HCA)

Health Coach Council (HCC)

Homeopath Coach (HOMC)

Hydrotherapy Coach (HYDC)

Hypnotism Coach (HYPC)

Integrity Biofeedback Academy Coach (IBA)

Natural Therapies Coach (NTC)

Naturopath Coach (NC)

Neurotherapy Coach (NEU)

Nutrition Coach Academy (NCA)

Personal Health Coaches (PHC)

Personal Nutrition Coaches (PNC)

Quantum Health Academy (QHA)

Quantum Healer Coach (QHC)

Quantum Health Coach (QHCo)

Raindrop Coach (RDC)

Reflexology Coach (RC)

Scalar Academy (SA)

Scalar Coach (SC)

Scalar Health Academy (SHA)

Soul Vibrations Coach (SVC)

Sound Coach Network (SCN)

Stress Management Coach Network (SMC)

Touch of Healing Coach (THC)


Wisdom by Nature Aromatherapy Coach (WBN)