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Coach Tools

We believe these Free Coach Tools are the best tools to use and teach others to use. You can print out any pages you want to print out. You can make as many copies as you want and use them to teach other people these empowering tools. They really are free.

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Phase One - Learn How to Immediately and Completely Relax


Introduction ( Intro 2 ) -- Follow these simple instructions to get the most out of these relaxation lessons.

One Deep Breath ( ODB ) -- Deep breathing and letting tension go is an essential requirement to deep relaxation.

Deep Breathing Relaxation Tool ( Deep ) -- This is the first step in learning how to immediately and completely relax.

Progressive Relaxation Outline ( Progressive ) -- This helps you teach other people to completely relax.

Progressive Relaxation Tutorial ( Part Two ) -- This relaxation instruction, script and videos teaches you how to completely relax.

Stress Management ( Stress ) -- Relax and your stress is immediately reduced, tension leaves your body and your heart recovers.


Phase Two - Learning to Improve Your Intuition


Introduction ( Intro ) to Divination and Improving Your Intuition.

Divination Empowering Tools ( Div ) are easy to learn quickly and accurately despite their simplicity.

Random Numbers ( Random ) are either even (yes or true) or odd (no or false).

Communion With Your Higher Self ( Self ) is something everybody can learn using their own intuition.

The One Empowerment ( One ) is easier than you might think -- once you get your ego out of the way.


Phase Three - Learning to use the Free Coach Tools


Introduction ( Intro 4 ) to Learning the Empowering Coach Tools.

Learning to Dowse or Use a Pendulum ( Pendulum ) is easier and more accurate than you might think.

Body Compass or The Lean Technique ( Lean ) is an easy empowering tool to use and master with high accuracy.

Looped Fingers ( Looped ) can be surprisingly strong or weak if you relax and go with the flow.

The Finger Pull ( Pull ) is a variation of the Looped Fingers Method of tuning into your subconscious mind.

Thumbs Up ( Up ) works very well when you get your ego out of the way and let your subconscious mind take over.

The Stiff-Arm method ( Stiff-arm ) is a diagnostic tool recommended only for properly licensed medical professionals (All others use with caution).


Phase Four - Prove to Yourself These Tools Really do Work


Introduction: Once you know how to use the Empowering Coach Tools, we encourage you to prove to yourself they actually work.

Do these empowering coach tools really work? ( Really? ) Answer that question.

If you think these coach tools really don't work, they won't work for you until you change your thinking. That takes practice.

If you think these coach tools actually work, then prove it to yourself! ( Prove it )

Then teach them and prove it to others.


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